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Faucet and fixture

Flow control of faucets is a highly-refined technology, delivering a balance between user comfort and water conservation.

Water conservation is becoming increasingly critical around the world as the demand for water grows in the face of population increase, and drought conditions become more prevalent in many areas due to the impact of climate change.

Various countries are taking action to enforce water conservation measures, including the introduction of flow rate limitations on plumbing fixtures.

Across the other side of the globe in US, the Government recently introduced the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards Scheme. Clean the surface where the new faucet will sit and insert the rubber gasket between the faucet's base plate and the sink top to create a watertight seal. If no gasket is provided, seal the perimeter of the faucet base with plumber's putty, and then insert the tailpieces through the holes in the sink top. Here at Bayside Plumbing Construction Co provide the above mentioned service.