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Hot water circulator

Domestic hot water pumps are installed in the recirculation pipe of the hot water system. By circulating the hot water they ensure that hot water is available instantly even at the tap furthest away from the water heater. Depending on the system design, Bayside Plumbing Construction Co can service installations in a single-family house or apartment building. They conform to the requirements of the US Drinking Water Ordinance and offer effective protection by circulating the drinking water. The water and energy savings make an important contribution forth environmental protection and the reduction of CO2.

To avoid reverse flow through the pump, a check valve should be used. In combination with a ball valve, the whole pump can be isolated quickly if service should become necessary. To facilitate installation, Bayside Plumbing Construction Co are also available with integrated check valve and ball valve. Other areas of applications are solar systems, heat pumps or industrial applications.